4 Steps to Create a Balanced Life

I talk a lot about balance.  Balance is what keeps us satisfied with our lives.  Feeling like we’re able to do all the things that are necessary – like work, being healthy, and sleeping right, as well as those things that bring us happiness – like spending time on ourselves and with loved ones.  @mindbodygreen has written a great article on How to Consciously Create a Balanced Life that is spot on! Read it here: http://bit.ly/2euKVDn or get my short version below!

1. Master the Basics – find time for meditation, exercise, eating right, and all the things that make you a healthy person! 💪💪

2. Plan Ahead – keep sight of your goals (write them down!) and plan out the basics (laundry, grocery shopping, food prep).  You’ll have a lot more time for the things you actually want to do if you plan out the basics a bit! 👗✏️

3. Remember the Good Stuff – do things that make you happy! Spend time with the ones you love because that is what matters most in life! And spend some time with yourself. 💏🌸

4. Forgive and be Grateful – let go of resentments and be grateful for all that you have!


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