5 Hilarious Things That Happen When You Do Yoga

People always think of yoga as a serious practice, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  One of my favorite yoga teachers always started the class by making us all stand up, close our eyes and dance.  I loved that she added a little silliness to a somewhat serious practice.  And let’s be honest, some pretty hilarious things can happen while doing yoga whether you want them to happen or not.  Here are 5 hilarious things that happen to me quite often.

1.You bust it…hard.  We’ve all been there, working our way into tree pose or dancer’s pose, wobbling like a little deer walking for the first time and then boom you hit the floor – topple over like a game of Jenga.  Or better yet, you’re cautiously making your way into headstand in a packed class, you’re thinking “Ok, I go this” and then you tumble over on to someone else’s mat just skimming the side of the person’s head with your foot.

2.You pass gas.  Yep, I said it.  No one ever wants to acknowledge the ubiquitous nature of passing gas in yoga, but it happens to us all.  You’re in downward dog and you start to feel the tummy rumbling.  You try your very best to hold it in, but with all the twisting and bending holding it in no longer becomes an option and then poof.  You fart.  You let out a big one.  You cut the cheese.  Sometimes it’s audible…sometimes it’s silent…but always deadly.  And the absolute worst…when it’s in hot yoga.  You know what I mean.


3.You randomly start laughing…or crying.  Yoga can bring up a lot of different emotions and they often come out of nowhere.  The cathartic nature of yoga is one of the best benefits, but it can also be a bit surprising and hilarious.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been contently swaying back and forth in happy baby and all of a sudden I get a case of the giggles.  And the more I try to stop, the more I can’t stop laughing.   So I settle on trying to crack-up silently, hoping no one notices the ridiculous faces I’m making while desperately trying to hold in the laughter.  An even more common occurrence is when I end up in an all out balling session (thank you pigeon pose).  One moment I’m relaxed and clam chilling in pigeon and the next tears are pouring down my face like a waterfall. My immediate thought is always, “what the hell? why am I crying?” but my thoughts quickly turn to  “f*$% it! this feels good” and I let the tears roll! Afterwards, not only do I feel a weight has been lifted, but I also find the humor in my seemingly random emotional release.

4.You snore through savasana.  Savasana is everyone’s favorite part of yoga and it should be.  After a long, intense class nothing feels better than lying there with absolutely no effort.  It’s difficult not to drift in and out of sleep during savasana and sometimes you just drift in…and stay there, usually waking yourself up with one loud snore that startles you back to awareness.  Once you’ve realized you’re not in your bed, but in a yoga class full of people, you try stealthily to look around the room hoping no one noticed you were the snoring perpetrator.

5. You just don’t give af.  You know you’ve become a true yogi when all four of these things can happen during class, maybe even multiple times and you just don’t care!  It’s a true sign yoga has worked its magic – you’ve learned not to take yourself too seriously, to quiet your inner critic and nothing can mess up your zen during class!

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