Show Your Feet Some Love: Must-Do Yoga Poses After A Long Night of Wearing Heels

Being 5′ 2-ish, you could say it’s necessary for me to wear heels anytime I go out on the town – unless I’d like to get pushed and trampled over all night while navigating the crowded bars. People don’t tend to take notice of you when you’re not in their line of sight – #shortpeopleproblems. And if you’re anything like me (short or not), after a long night of wearing heels, it’s inevitable you’ll wake up with your dogs barking and barely able to walk.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve waddled into the kitchen walking on the edges of my feet in search of anything to quench my thirst after a night out. Our feet do a lot of work, without a lot of love on a daily basis.  They bear the entire weight of our body often while wearing uncomfortable and non-supportive shoes.  Show your feet some love and do this yoga sequence after a long night or long day of working.

1.Cat/Cow – To warm up, go through some rounds of cat/cow –  inhaling and tucking your toes under while dropping your belly into cow.  Then, exhaling and untucking the toes as you round the spine and transition into cat.
IMG_1081 IMG_1063





2. Downward Dog – Move into downward dog, pedaling out the feet, bending and straightening into each leg to stretch the bottoms of the feet, as well as the calves.







3. Squatting Balance – From downward dog walk your feet to meet your hands and sit back on your heels, while the heels remain raised, into a squat position.  From here you can rock the knees forward to touch the ground and back up into the squat position a few times to really get a deep stretch in your toes.







4. Virasana with Toes Tucked – From squat pose, bring the knees to touch the floor and remain sitting on your heels.  Actively use your hands to tuck the little toes under so they also get the benefits of this stretch.  Stay in this position for 1 – 2  minutes.  This is an intense, deep stretch, and you will be tempted to release the pose early, but stick with it!  Breathe deeply in-and-out through the nose, visualizing the breath releasing the tension on the bottoms of your feet.  I promise if you get through this one your feet will feel like new afterwards!







5. Virasana with Toes Untucked – Untuck your toes so the tops of the feet are firmly planted into the ground and sit back on your heels.  If you’re not feeling a deep stretch on the tops of your feet and ankles, rock backwards so the knees begin to come off the floor (only if you do not feel any pain in your knees).  Once again, stay in this position for 1 – 2 minutes even if you’re tempted to come out!







6. Fire Log Pose – Start in an easy seated position, then begin to stack your shins on top of each other, just as the name suggests, like two logs sitting on top of each other.  While in this pose, give yourself a little foot massage bending and curling each toe and massing the balls of the feet.  This pose will also give you a deep stretch in your hip joints, which will also need a little love after a long night of dancing!


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