Reiki is a powerful Japanese healing and relaxation technique that dates back to the end of the nineteenth century.  It is a technique which moves energy through the body in order to activate your own healing process and restore physical and mental well-being. 

Treatments are focused on the 7 primary chakras/energy centers, by a laying of the hands softly on the body by the practitioner. Reiki continues to grow in popularity and is now being introduced into Western medical practices.  It works great in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques and has no side effects.

More about Reiki:

  • 100% safe, side effect free, non-invasive
  • Channels universal energy into you for relaxation and stress reduction
  • Activates the energy within us to promote natural healing in the body
    • Compliments medical treatments and medications
    • Great for those with a recent surgery or injury!
    • Try adding it to your regimen for chronic health conditions
  • Facilitates a feeling of well being, often lasting several days
    • You may sleep better, feel less stressed, experience less pain, and/or heal quicker
  • Addresses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual discomfort
  • Not religious or belief based
  • Not a massage
  • Hands-on (light touch) or hands-off method
  • For all ages
  • Does no harm

Who can receive Reiki?

  • Anyone – Adults, children, and infants are welcome!

How does Reiki Work?

  • Reiki breaks up energy blockages that create imbalances in the body that may lead to disease
    • ex: unresolved emotional issues or traumas
  • Calms the “fight or flight” sensation of the sympathetic autonomic nervous system
  • Ignites the “rest and digest” part of the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system
    • creates relaxation and opens the door for natural healing
  • Always works for your highest and greatest good
  • Goes where it needs to go

How is Reiki performed?

  • Sessions are 30-60 minutes, depending on your preference
  • Music is played to help facilitate relaxation
  • Sessions include a free Chakra reading, if desired
  • Aromatherapy may be used for relaxation, as desired
  • You remain clothed without shoes
  • You will rest on a professional massage table or sit in a chair
  • Hands are placed on or over the body in a specific sequence
    • front and back
    • hands remain still, but may emanate heat, tingling, or waves of energy
    • boundaries are respected

What happens during Reiki?

  • You may fall asleep
  • Your belly may gurgle, make noises, or pass gas
  • You may feel a heat or tingling in certain parts of the body

What happens after Reiki?

  • You should feel deeply relaxed with a sense of well-being
  • You are encouraged to drink water to help with the removal of toxins from your body
  • You can go about your day as usual
  • Pay attention to any physical, mental, or emotional shifts that may occur between sessions

How often do you need Reiki?

  • As often as you feel you need it depending on conditions
  • Even just one session can go a long way

If you have questions or want more information on Reiki, email me at! Please ask about first-time specials!

1/2 Hour Session: $50

1 Hour Session: $80